Seattle Bits and Bites Launches Today

The idea for Seattle Bits and Bites centered around a quest, a quest to visit every winery in Washington (the state).

At first is was just a random idea for a quest. After all, I live in Washington and want to support tourism efforts within my home state, and I like wine. It seemed like a decent combination. I talked to some PR contacts representing a variety of industries – wine, destinations, lodging, and consumer products. People thought the idea of a quest was interesting. It wasn’t just a list to check off, there was the element of personal investment in the project. It required commitment.

These conversations began to give the quest some legs.

A colleague asked me if I would be interested in writing a monthly column on something wine related. I thought about how I could integrate some of the wine tourism-related content into my personal blog, Traveling with MJ, and my Where Else to Go podcast. I researched the things that need to be covered to accompany content about wineries and it soon became clear that there was enough niched content to have a separate site related to all things related to wine tourism.

And so, Seattle Bits and Bites was born.

The name isn’t perfect.

It’s going to be about far more than Seattle, it’s going to cover the entire state of Washington, and perhaps even a few easy day trips from the area. Choosing a name is hard, and so many I liked didn’t have domains available, but I like this one a lot, even if it is a compromise.

I’ll be writing about more than just my quest and visiting wineries. The site is about all things related to wine tourism, and will include winery information and visits, news, food, restaurants, festivals and events, tasting rooms, attractions and more. It’s all the things that go right along with wine to make life enjoyable. I’ll share bits of information about where to get the great bites around the state, whether that’s a formal winemaker dinner, a burger and shake at a roadside drive in, or the latest restaurant to open. And I’ll also share information about places to stay, because no one should drink and drive.

Think of Seattle Bits and Bites as the place to get experiential information about food and wine around Washington State.

To be very clear – I am neither a wine expert nor a food expert, and that’s not the audience this blog is designed for. Food and wine is, however, an integral part of what I think makes life so enjoyable. I’m one of those travelers for whom culinary experiences is integral in deciding where to go and what to do – whether that’s traveling across town or across the world. If that also describes you, I think you’ll be right at home here.

The content will take a variety of forms:  stories and news, video (and live video on the Facebook page), and a companion podcast. In the beginning, I’ll also syndicate some content from my other sites to get content populated here.

Today is soft launch day for Seattle Bits and Bites

There is still so much to be done. The website will go through changes and updates. There will be tweaks to content, style, and presentation. I’ll have fits and starts until I get deeper into my research (such a nice way to refer to discovering wineries). I’ve got to get the branding all sorted out, social media accounts set up and built out, a logo, and all those kind of things. My marketing friends will cringe that I’m launching before everything is in place.

BUT – Perfect is the enemy of progress. I’m soft launching today because I have places to visit right now. I have supporters who’ve worked with me for years, and understand that although this is a work in progress they trust me to follow through. So I’m launching today and bringing you along for all those changes and inevitable growing pains. Let’s have a glass of wine and toast to patience as I get settled in over the next few weeks.

There a few ways for you to keep on the progress of this site as well as where I’ll be going (perhaps we can meet up?), news, and recommendations. You can like the Facebook Page, and check it often for updates. I’ve also set up a private Facebook group where we’ll talk more about the winery quest, and other bits and bites from around the state. You’ll find that group here. I’ll get other social media set up, but for now, this is a good start.

The other way to keep up on everything is by subscribing to the Seattle Bits & Bites newsletter. Fill out the form below, click on subscribe, then keep an eye out for an email that will ask you to confirm your intent to subscribe. Confirm that and you’re good to go. I plan to send the first newsletter out in the next couple weeks.

I’m excited about this new project and I hope you’ll come along for sips, bits, and bites, as we all explore wine tourism in Washington State.


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  1. Vicki Koehl says:

    Good luck!! Such an awesome venture! Can’t wait to follow along. How do you find the regular FB page? When I typed name in search field only closed group came up?? I’m technology challenged so if you explain in very simple terms I’d appreciate it – thanks…..

    1. Thanks Vicki! I’m sure I’ll have a visit and tasting close to you, so I hope you’ll join me. Thanks for joining the Facebook group, as soon as we get some people there we can more specific discussions. You can find the public Facebook page here: Everything is still a work in progress (still soft launch), but it should be up and off in the next few weeks.

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